The Pre-Vinylettes online panel discussion took place on Saturday, October 17 at 4pm Eastern time via Zoom. The discussion was moderated by co-curator Meredith Kasabian and lasted about two and a half hours. It covered the following topics: 

• Introduction with co-curators Shelby Rodeffer, Meredith Kasabian, and Remedios Rapoport

• Pre-Vinylettes Portland Mural with Remedios

• Pre-Vinylettes Australia Mural with Liane Barker

• Sign Painting as a Social Justice Tool with Nisha K. Sethi, Olivia Trimble, and Shley Kinser

• Misogyny in Women's Spaces with Shelby and Good Snake

• Prioritizing Diversity in Sign Work with Sharon Manhart and Michelle Meng Nguyen

Recordings of the 2020 Pre-Vinylettes' Panel Discussion will be available here soon.